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Onslow International High School - Wellington New Zealand

International Students

Onslow College offers its International Students a supportive and caring environment while also providing outstanding educational experience.

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Focus for Term 4 for all Students and Staff


Congratulations to:

Tia Bhana

Sam Grantham

who have been voted as Student Representatives on the Board of Trustees.


Student Representative Board of Trustees Election 2019 Results

Media Release

Vaping a widespread problem in New Zealand schools




At Onslow College we are committed to providing our students with outstanding educational experiences, opportunities and sport and cultural activities.

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Supporting Our Children

As parents of adolescents you will know unexpected things will happen and young people will all react differently.

Sometimes young people will want to talk to you or another trusted adult about how they are feeling. Let them know it is ok to ask for help and you are available to listen or can help them contact other support agencies.

Some signs to look out for are:

  • Changes in behaviour (tearfulness, sleep patterns, eating patterns, up and down emotions or heightened anger or irritability, becoming suddenly calm or happy after being down, feeling hopeless orworthless, guilty, whakamā or ashamed.
  • Losing confidence, or a downturn in school or sport performance.
  • Becoming isolated or withdrawn from whānau, family and friends, things that are normally of interest (hobbies, sports, friends).
  • Talking about depression and death – expressing dark thoughts
  • Not coping with day to day problems, or becoming overwhelmed with usual activities
  • Using drugs or alcohol to cope with difficult feelings or thoughts
  • An escalation of risk taking behaviours including self-harm or sexual activity or stopping taking medicine
  • Giving away possessions, tying up loose ends,
  • Physical symptoms that don’t have an obvious cause such as aches, pains, feeling sick

If you are worried about your child please contact the Guidance Counsellors during school hours Linda and Nicky on: 04 478 8189 extension 831 and 849.

Outside of school hours and term time:

You can also ring or text 1737

Youthline text on 234 (8am to midnight) or ring 0800 376 633 or email

Lifeline 0800 543354



Onslow College is an environment that encourages independence, self- discipline, and social responsibility with a student-centred philosophy.

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Your support really helps our School

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Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together Whiria Ngā Kura Tūātinitini report

On the 23 March, the Board had a Workshop to discuss the education reviews 32 recommendations of the future of the schools in New Zealand. To help us with this we heard perspectives from Brett Hudson, Nicola Willis, Claire O’Fee, John Russell our facilitator also provided valuable guidance

Onslow College Board of Trustees Submission

Congratulations to:

Asyliva Redgrave

Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award

Elizabeth Nahu

2019 Runner Up

National Schools Poetry Award

Congratulations to the Kapa Haka who performed on Saturday 21 September at the St Brigid’s festival.


Onslow News

10CNS Final Business Pitch

All students were given the challenge of forming a company, coming up with a mission statement, business goals and a product to pitch. Yesterday they all had to deliver this pitch to a Dragons Den.


Senior Summer Science Opportunities

There are several opportunities available for students with an interest in science over the Summer break. If you would like more information please click the links below, ask you Science Teacher, or email


Upcoming Events

  • STAFF ONLY DAY - Friday 23 August 2019
  • University Liaison Visit Dates - Term 3 at Onslow College: · Auckland University: Friday 16 August -Lunchtime Room 6 · Otago University: Tuesday 27 August Lunchtime - Room 6 · Canterbury University: Tuesday 17 September - Lunchtime Room 6 · Victoria University: Wednesday 18 September - Lunchtime Hall · Massey University: Tuesday 22 October Lunchtime - Room 6
  • ONYAM Exchange with Yamamura Senior High School. Thursday 25 July – Saturday 3 August