Restorative Practice is the foundation of how we interact and support each other at Onslow College. It is grounded in our school values and is firmly anchored in Te Ao Māori through Manaakitanga, Kotahitanga, Whānaungatanga, and Rangatiratanga. 

It is a way of being and relating that helps us achieve our school vision of helping our young people grow and blossom through creating and supporting a positive learning culture.  

Titiro whakamua, titiro whakamuri, titiro ki uta, titiro ki tai, rongohia ki tamaroto, kei kōnei ahau, kia puāwai, kōkiri whakamua. 

Restorative Practice

Why use Restorative Practice?

The Restorative Practice model focuses on building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships across the school community and offers best-practice tools and techniques to maintain, restore and strengthen relationships. Through this, issues will be resolved more effectively and constructively. 

When using Restorative Practice at Onslow, there are four tools that we apply: Mini Chat, Mini Conference, Class Conference and Full Conference.

When low-level classroom behaviour(s) occur (e.g. off task, late, lack of equipment) teachers engage in respectful conversations that have an enquiry focus to them.

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