Hei Puāwai

In summary, the strategic direction is a list of whāinga (strategic goals) that link directly to the school’s strategic goal of Biculturalism. The most important factor is that ākonga Māori are placed at the centre of all decision-making and action. Sitting close to the centre is the support of kaiako Māori.

Whāinga 1: Māui’s pathway – best process and practices to support vulnerable ākonga Māori

Annual Goal 1: Develop a tailor-made process to support our vulnerable Māori students as they enter Onslow College to fulfill their potential, to stay at school for as long as they want to and to enjoy educational success for themselves and their whānau. 

  • Mentoring programme 
  • New enrolment and entry process for vulnerable Māori students 
  • Restorative Practices

Whāinga 2: Te Mana Whakatipu – Student leadership capabilities

Annual Goal 2: Establish a student leadership structure at Onslow College based on a Kaupapa Māori leadership and society framework. Develop Graduate profile.

  • Creation of a Māori student leadership structure at Onslow College 
  • Poneke Kura Wānanga 
  • Pōhiri 

Whāinga 3: Establish and manage an initiative which facilitate Māori students achieving educational success as Māori 

Annual Goal 3: Establish an initiative to facilitate Māori students to enjoy educational success and excellence as Māori 

  • Te Ao Hurihuri 
  • Māori Graduate Profile
  • Kapahaka 
  • Ngā Manu Kōrero 
  • Te Ao Haka 
  • Compulsory Te Reo Māori  
  • Te Ao Māori class
  • Mātauranga Māori
  • Ki-o-Rahi 
  • Waka Ama 

Whāinga 4: Whakamanatia i te reo o Ngāi Māori – The amplication of Māori voice 

Annual Goal 4: To develop a network of engaged and active community of whānau, kaiako and ākonga Māori who are empowered to lead and speak as the Māori Treaty partner for Onslow College. 

  • Co-chair Board of Trustees model, Māori representation on the BOT
  • Whānau hui 
  • Role of Kaitiaki  
  • Recruitment of Kaiako Māori across all departments 
  • Ako class- 9-13  

Whāinga 5: Te Ara a Māui – The establishment of Onslow College Centre for Māori Student Educational Excellence and Leadership 

Annual Goal 5: The establishment of Onslow College Centre for Māori Student Educational Excellence and Leadership 

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