At Onslow College, we offer:

1. An academic programme leading to university entrance. This programme usually takes two to three years and prepares students for entry to universities in New Zealand and other English speaking countries. Students study for National Certificate Educational Achievement (NCEA) and gain entry into university.

2. A cultural exchange and language programme. Students in this programme spend 6 months to one year studying with New Zealand students. Students focus on improving their use of the English language and gain confidence orally as well as gaining an understanding of the New Zealand way of life.

Onslow College does not provide full time Intensive English for International Students with beginner to late beginner levels of English. The English Language department runs language classes for students with different levels of English Language. Students can receive up to 12 hours of English Language support per week. English Language teachers and Teacher Assistants also support students in their mainstream subjects.


Subjects Selection

Please refer to our Subjects Handbook for subject choices at all levels. Some subjects offered at Onslow College may be new or different to your country. These include:

Students are encouraged to investigate art ideas within Photography using drawing methods and produce work that shows an understanding of ideas and their response to a specific context.

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