Onslow College is an extended family, a collective who care. We take the time to know each other, and we work hard to make sure that everyone feels safe. Whānau show care for each other.


Onslow College is a place for akōnga to find sustenance. We focus on wellbeing, identity, and sustaining growth in all that we do so everyone can thrive.


We all have layers which make up who we are. The way these layers combine in ways that make us unique. It identifies all that akōnga bring with them each day. The way our families and influences make us who we are and how they connect us.


Diversity is about including and accepting people of different social, socio-economic, learning styles, ethnic, genders, faith, sexual orientation, valuing diversity is inclusion.


Onslow College is a community of people that care about each other and feel they belong together. We are a community of people who balance the rights of the individual against what is best for the group.

Principal's Message

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Onslow College takes great pride in delivering the best possible educational opportunities for its students.

We believe every student can achieve academic success and have an extensive pastoral care network to help them achieve to their potential. A strong partnership with home is a key ingredient in this goal and we both value and encourage parents and families to take an active interest in their child's achievements at school. Working together we can help our young people develop their individual strengths and identities and build the confidence to be able to contribute to society.


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Senior Leadership Team
Senior Leadership Team of 2022



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