We encourage you or your student to join NauMai NZ. This is an online platform initiated by Education New Zealand to provide information to help International students before they arrive and once they are studying and living in New Zealand.

Naumai NZ is also available in Chinese Language via the Wechat mini programme.

The Director of International Students runs an orientation programme for all the new students on their arrival. Before students arrive, a letter or programme will be sent to all new students. This programme will take slightly different forms depending on whether there is a group of students starting together or an individual student arriving during the term. They include:

  • Introduction to Wellington City and amenities near the school
  • Orientation to local systems: travel and shopping
  • Familiarisation with New Zealand laws, culture and learning
  • School rules, procedures, counseling, support systems
  • Organising photographs for Student ID
  • Setting you up to logon to the school network
  • English Language Assessment
  • Academic planning and class placements, issuing of a timetable
  • Living environment and what students should expect from their accommodation
  • Routine activities of daily living
  • Surrounding rural or urban environment
  • Banking information and how to open a bank account
  • Information about cultural, recreational, and sporting activities
  • Transport arrangements
  • Student rights: How to make a complaint and how to access support
  • Acceptable behaviour
  • Health and Medical treatment
  • “Keeping safe” information
  • 24-hour contact name and number for use in case of emergency
  • Management of emergency situations, including emergency numbers

Orientation Resources

2023 Pre Arrival Letter

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