The Onslow College Music dept. is an inclusive, creative & welcoming community. Students have the freedom to explore a variety of different musical instruments and discover themselves through the beauty of music.

Classroom Music

In year 9 students will learn about the key musical elements while exploring a wide range of percussion and instruments. All students get a chance to learn something on Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums. All students will create original music and a soundtrack for a scene in a film. Music is a subject that continues to Year 13.

Itinerant Music Programme

We offer tuition on the following instruments; Guitar, Bass & Ukulele, Piano, Drums, Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone, Trumpet & Trombone and Voice. Students can sign up for instruments lessons at the start of the year. Lessons happen during the school day and are 30mins in length.

Space and Equipment

We are very fortunate at Onslow to have plenty of space. The department has 14 different rooms we can use for rehearsals, class work, solo practice and itinerant music lessons. We are well equipped to deal with the high volume of students through our dept. with Pianos in all but 2 spaces, 3 drum kits and an array of Guitars and percussion. Students are welcome to book a room for a lunchtime to practice or run a rehearsal or jam.

Ensembles at Onslow

Studio Orchestra

We have a studio orchestra that meets once a week after school to rehearse. They play a wide range of music from jazz standards, Big Band through to Film Scores and Pop. Each year the Studio Orchestra participates in a range of concerts and events. Instruments in the studio orchestra range from woodwind and brass to string players (including cellos, violins, ukulele) and rhythm section.


The school choir meets on a Monday lunchtime. All are welcome! It is a very happy lively time, and we sing at a range of events across the school year. Chamber choir is a smaller ensemble that meets after school once a week and is for those who really want to take their singing a little more seriously.

Rock Bands

The school has many rock bands (that are student created and led) These bands perform at school assemblies and concerts, and many go on to enter rock quest.

Apollo Music

Apollo Music is an independent company that employs expert tutors in the Wellington Region to tutor children and adults. Their music lessons range from guitar, drums and piano lessons to music production, vocal and songwriting lessons. Onslow College proudly hosts Apollo on site in the music department.

If either student or adult wishes to take music lessons after school at Onslow please visit Apollo Music.

Music in the Community

The Big Sing

By Editorial Staff | 14/06/2022

Onslow’s Big Sing Choir proudly performed in The Big Sing at the Michael Fowler Centre on the 9th of June 2022. Despite the wonderfully wet Wellington weather, and a brief power cut, the Choir gave a phenomenal performance to an eager crowd. Each and every student involved sung beautifully and won Onslow the award of […]

The International Singer

By Editorial Staff | 03/06/2022

Read the following article on previous Onslow Student, Benjamin Reason, an inspiring singer trying to make it big in London, UK.

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