Onslow College is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students, however the funding we receive from the Government is not enough, because of this we ask that parents invest in their children’s future by making a School Donation. The money received allows us to provide equipment and resources not covered by state funding but are important to the education we want to provide.

Donations may be eligible for tax credits and we have set it at what we believe is a very reasonable figure.

Donations for 2023

1 student $ 350.00
2 or more students $ 500.00

To ensure that we can continue to offer the wide range of opportunities that we do, the Board has decided to raise the school donation to $350 per student and $500 per family.  We thank you for your generous and continued support to Onslow College.

Your contribution has become an essential part of the College and I hope you will see the importance of making this donation. We are happy to make an automatic payment and time payment options available and respect that many people are facing tough financial time.

On behalf of everyone at Onslow College, thank you.

What you need to pay

Students who choose to participate in sports teams must pay the associated fee. In addition, there may be uniform hire fee.

Voluntary Course Contributions

There may be resources and activities associated with the subject a student has selected that enhance the student’s understanding of the subject area by providing an opportunity for learning which is enjoyable and challenging. The School requests a voluntary contribution for these items.

Contributions for options are listed in the Curriculum Handbooks.

You may choose to pay through the KAMAR Parent Portal, direct
credit, automatic payment or through the School Office using eftpos or cash.

The Onslow College bank account number is 12-3174-0265002-00

When paying by direct credit / automatic payment please use your student’s name and student number as a reference and what payment is for.

A list of your students account with all transactions and receipts is available through the browser KAMAR parent portal.

For enquires regarding your account contact Kay Swenson by phone 478-8189 or email: accounts@onslow.school.nz.

If you have any concerns about the payment of fees, please contact one of our Student Support Staff, your student’s dean or the relevant Deputy Principal.

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