Our Committments

Onslow College

  • Cater to individual needs within a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Meet student preferences
  • Support students to achieve their academic potential


At Onslow College we ensure that a Year 9 student’s education reaches across all learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. We believe in building a strong educational foundation that allows a young person to grow and aquire the skills to follow whatever pathway they choose for their future. Within our junior school, our students are prescribed a timetable which covers English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Science, Social Studies, Te Reo Māori, Arts, Technology, Literacy and Numeracy. This is to ensure our students are exposed to all areas of the curriculum and that all future pathways remain open. 

In addition to Te Reo Māori, students will select an additional language to study throughout the year. There is a selection of three available to choose from.   

Learning Areas & Subjects

The subjects and pathways offered at Onslow College can be viewed in full via our online dashboard.

Please navigate to https://onslow.schoolpoint.co.nz/courses/learning_areas for more information.

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