At Onslow, our drama department provides a safe and supportive environment where students are encouraged to be creative and innovative. We want our students to gain the confidence and abilities they need to work collaboratively on projects. Ākonga have the opportunity to explore genres and the art of devising.

Drama in the Classroom

In year 9 and 10, drama students are taught to work together to perform, create and produce plays. They will learn critical skills such as group work skills, communication skills, self-confidence and self-motivation skills. Ākonga will also learn about the history of theatre and drama.

In their senior years, drama students will continue to build on to the skills they developed prior. Year 13 drama involves assessments which have written components to them. We encourage our students to take more risks and for them to stretch their creative thinking in their senior drama practicals. There is a particular focus in pushing performance skills through the exploration of dramatic action.

If you wish to read further about the options for Drama at Onslow, click here.

Spaces and Equipment

We have two main facilities used for drama classes at Onslow; the Art Centre and the Hall. In the Art Centre students have access to a stage, lighting, costumes, props and much more. Students have the abilities and resources to make their own props and backgrounds used for performances put on at the school. Students can also organise performances to put on for the school, parents are more than welcome to attend these events when invited.

Performances in the Community

Show Quest 2022

By Editorial Staff | 13/06/2022

Abby Holdaway, a year 13 student at Onslow, wrote the following piece about ShowQuest 2022: “This year Onslow College participated in the 2022 National Showquest Competition. Schools across the country put together performances to be filmed and judged under numerous categories. Our creative dance students here at Onslow put together a beautiful performance under the […]

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