Our Vision

Onslow College


Kei konei ahau                          You bring yourself

Kia puāwai                                  Grow

Haere whakamua                   Thrive in the paths you choose

Our vision is for every ākonga to be able to come as they are to Onslow College. It is important for ākonga to grow as a whole person (academically, socially, artistically, culturally and sportwise). For ākonga to be able to thrive in their future. Our values guide our behaviours and help us support everyone to be able to grow and succeed.

Our Values

Onslow College

Values highlight how important it is for ākonga to be able to bring who they are to the college and for them to be respected as such. Onslow is a community which allows diversity to be celebrated and for everyone to be able to stand on this whenua with a sense of belonging.


Onslow has selected the above emblem because:

  • The Rata tree is a rich visual representation of connection to our whenua; with our many whānau and community connected relationships represented via the rata roots
  • The branches of the Rata are strong yet flexible to enable growth towards "light" that is, a kura that flexes for the needs of the community, nga whānau in pursuit of continued learning and what’s right at the time its needed
  • The rata is providing a stable centre for our tamariki
  • The rata will feed our vision and the Kākā


Onslow College is about being an extended family. It is a collective who cares. We take the time to know each other, and we work hard to make sure that everyone feels safe. Whānau show care for each other.


School is important for being a place for akōnga to find sustenance so that they can grow and strive. This means that at Onslow, we focus on wellbeing and identity. This is shown in all that we do and say to sustain growth and the ability to thrive.


Layers make up who we are. The way these layers combine make us unique. It also identifies all that akōnga bring with them each day. The way our families and influences make us who we are and how they connect us.


At Onslow College we pride ourselves in including and accepting people of different social, socio-economic, learning styles, ethnic, genders, faith, sexual orientation. Valuing diversity is inclusion.


A group of people that care about each other and feel they belong together. Onslow is a group of people who balance the rights of the individual against what is best for the group.


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