As an important resource for all students, BYOD gives students the ability to communicate, collaborate, and extend their learning as they strive to become resourceful, well-balanced, positively-contributing citizens.

Specifically, students at Onslow College will be able to:

  • Have anytime, anywhere access to class resources, activities and learning through our internet-based Learning Management System
  • Communicate with their teachers and peers through the school’s web based email system
  • Access a range of collaborative learning tools through Office 365
  • Develop e-portfolios in various forms to enable them to gather evidence of their learning
  • Have access to differentiated learning tasks which will better reflect their individual learning needs
  • Receive immediate and targeted feedback on progress
  • Existing school laptops are accessible when other students use their own devices
  • Subjects requiring specialist computer access will continue to be timetabled into existing school computer facilities

Student Access to School Laptops

  • All students are expected to bring their own laptops to school and to keep them charged
  • The Library will continue to issue laptops to those students who already have an arrangement in place
  • Teachers will email you to let you know if your student is not bringing their laptop to class
  • If your BYOD student does not have a laptop, for example when it needs repairs, please email the student's Ako teacher with a brief explanation
  • IT Support will then arrange a short-term loan of a School laptop to cover your student for the necessary period of time


All students should have a device that is a laptop form factor (screen and keyboard) and bring it from the first day.  As well as a laptop, students should bring earphones or headphones and charging cable. We advise students to clearly label their laptops. If you would like to discuss any issues associated with devices please contact

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