Academic Support

Onslow College focuses on providing a high standard of teaching for our international students wishing to complete their schooling in New Zealand. The students are well prepared for our National Certificate Educational Achievement (NCEA) examination(s) and achieve good pass rates.

The English Language Department runs a Curriculum Based Language Course for Year 11 and Year 12 students who need extra support with their mathematics and science courses. The students work with specialist subject teachers on vocabulary, assessments and assignments which are related to the course that they are doing.

At Year 13 level, the English Language Department provides an Academic English Course. This is to run in addition to five academic subjects. Students studying NCEA Level 3 are expected to be enrolled in this course , unless their English level is very high. The course aims to assist the students to pass the NCEA Level 2 literacy requirements for entry to University. It includes an academic vocabulary programme. The course outlines are available on request from the English Language Department.

Social Support

The International Student Department runs orientation programmes for all new students throughout the year. A dinner is held at the beginning of the year to welcome new students and their host families. Students are also taken on an outdoor education trip where they have the opportunity to experience abseiling and rafting in one of our forest parks. They also have the opportunity to go surfing at a wonderful east coast beach. Other outings and events are arranged throughout the year. We also run an end of year activity programme around Wellington for students who are not sitting NCEA examinations.

Students are encouraged to join in sporting and cultural activities within the wider school. There are many sports teams they can join which compete locally and nationally. Other activities available include music camp, musical productions, a school orchestra and other musical groups.

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