Parent Teacher Association

Our PTA committee represents the parents and families of Onslow College. We are voluntary and non-profit and are here to support the Principal, Board of Trustees, staff, and students. Our role is to give parents and families a voice within the school, assist at school events, catering, hosting guest speakers for parent information evenings, and running small fundraising projects for school facilities and resources that benefit the whole school. However, fundraising is not our main focus.

Joining the PTA is a great way to get to know more about the school, be involved in school events, and get to know other parents.

How you can help

Come and join us! We warmly welcome new members. As a PTA member, you can:

  • Attend PTA meetings (check our Facebook page for upcoming meetings)
  • Help out for a couple of hours once or twice a year (or regularly) at school events
  • Assist at events with catering, serving hot drinks, selling raffle tickets, baking and more
  • Assist with one-off fundraisers and/or parent education evenings
  • Help out in the school library

PTA Fundraising

The Onslow College PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an important part of the college community. It is made up of parent volunteers who contribute their time and energy in supporting the college in practical ways. This includes hosting events for new students, helping in the library, supporting school events and providing relevant information evenings for parents.

All funds raised through PTA initiatives are spent on college “wishlist” items after consultation with the Principal and students. Some examples where PTA have funded or contributed are digital message boards, school recycling stations, laptops for students, a kitchenette, hot water and additional furniture for the student centre, new seating in the Quad, additional seating in the Mathematics Department corridor for students and two of the school water fountains.

We are aware that many parents feel they are unable to contribute to the PTA in a practical way. We would like to offer you and your family an opportunity to provide financial support to the PTA.

Where possible, the PTA target areas of the school that benefit all students.

We look forward to your support and contribution. Please contact us for any suggestions and comments.


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