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 have prepared a concise checklist for Year 13 students finishing school at the end of this year.Careers - MoneyHub Logo.png


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Tips for students writing their first CVs:

1. Formatting

Choosing the best format for your first CV is crucial. Beginning with a chronological layout is what most employers would be familiar with, so make it easy for them to read and you’ll get off to a good start. Sometimes, computer software will scan your CV first before it gets read by someone. For this reason, don’t try anything too ambitious with the formatting and play it safe. Basic essay writing techniques such as font size, page margins and good use of overall space will all help make a good first impression for employers. 


2. Avoid using your photo

At the top of your CV, it should cover your basic information, such as your full name and different means of contacting you i.e. phone number, email etc. Don’t bother with an address, that’s something more personal that you can provide once you get a job. Even with sharing an ID photo of yourself, it's best to save that space for other things!

3. Stand out!

Odds are, you won’t be the only person applying for the job. If you want a good chance of being the best out of the lot, you have to stand out… the right way. Start with an introduction that is a little different, perhaps exciting. Start by answering the most important questions an employer would like to know about you; who you are, why you are interested in the job and why they should hire you. Again, you won’t have had any experience before so because of this, list your strengths, skills and interests. Things like extracurricular activities, groups, clubs and even volunteering you participate in are what will really shine when it’s your first time crafting your CV.


4. Prepare/Research

It's always a good idea to do a bit of research for the role for your own sake, but it’s equally important to show the employer that you’ve done this to show commitment. Show that you really are interested in the job and you work a little harder than most people that wouldn’t go to the same trouble. Make sure to go through the job description or advert as you're doing this, and try to link your attributes to what they job requires to really bring home the point that you’re the ideal candidate.