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10CNS Final Business Pitch

All students were given the challenge of forming a company, coming up with a mission statement, business goals and a product to pitch. Yesterday they all had to deliver this pitch to a Dragons Den.

A big thank you to our wonderful and generous judges:

Ex Students Julia Mattocks and Vijay Chand

Johnsonville SubUrban Co-Working: Kathleen Wright, Vera Padilha, Gareth Foster and Liz Parsons.

The students set the bar high with some fantastic research, planning and delivery. In the past we gave an award for Best Speaker but yesterday's group had too many contenders.

While the judges had a very hard job deciding the final three, they were:


Sam Grantham, Emma Hardy
Ryan Lee & Stella Rusbatch

Second Place
Lucas Scott, Nicole Orogo, Will Turner
Anthony Deng & Jack Moyer

Third Place
Reece Marks, Adam Oijordsbakken,
Matthew Osborne & Cameron Miller

In lieu of a top speaker we gave a special award to SoSocks: Charity Ho, Miranda Brown, Calin Vorster and Kali Van Koughnet.

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