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Senior Courses

At Onslow College, senior students undertake a full time course of study.

What does a fulltime course of study look like at each year level?

Year 11 English and Mathematics Science (unless exempted by Dean) plus three other subjects
Year 12 English plus the equivalent four and a half to five full year subjects
Year 13 Equivalent of five or six full year subjects

Students taking six subjects at Year 13 need to consult their Dean.

Automatic entry to subjects depends on the stated prerequisites being met. Students who do not have automatic entry can apply to the Learning Area Leader for discretionary entry.

Availability of subjects

Availability of subjects will depend on staffing and student numbers. If numbers for a subject are too low, the subject may be combined with another, be timetabled for fewer than four hours per week, be taught out of normal class hours, or withdrawn.

If numbers for a subject are too high, a ballot may be needed to determine which students can gain entry. Priority in a ballot will be given to Year 13 students who are new to the subject.


Deans and the careers adviser are available to assist with developing a programme

Future pathways should be considered when planning courses

Multi-level programmes may be chosen.