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School Exams 2019

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Instructions for Exam Students 2019

Morning Exams start at 9.00 am (9.30 am Tuesday). You need to be outside the exam room by 8.45 am (9.15am Tuesday).

Afternoon Exams start at 1.15 pm (1.30 pm Tuesday).You need to be outside the exam room by 1:00pm (1:15pm Tuesday).

Year 11 & 12 students are on exam leave for the period of the exams - Monday 16th September until Friday 20th September, but should go to any Year 13 classes when able. Year 10 & 13 students are only on leave for their exam.

Students may only leave morning exams between 11am and 11.15am (Tuesday 11.30am – 11.45pm) otherwise they stay to the end.Students may leave afternoon exams from 3:10pm – but not in the last 15 minutes.

Students should leave school when they have finished each exam, unless studying quietly for another exam.

Any students with two exams timetabled for the same time must see their subject teachers or the Subject Leader to organise another time during the exam week. Any exam with a listening component or where you are using a reader / writer should take precedence (except where the exam is the Maths CAT)


  1. Water only is allowed, in a plastic bottle that is not noisy when you open it.No food, coke, etc.
  2. Bring your student ID card (if you have one) to put on your desk.
  3. Make sure you bring pencils, rulers, coloured pencils, calculators, maths instruments and so on, in a clear plastic bag. You cannot borrow during the exam. The office will sell stationery but not lend it.


  1. Take note of all your exam rooms and start times before the Monday exams start.Arrive at school at least 15 minutes before the start time. The Office -Attendance Slide holds a master copy of exam rolls. If you forget your exam room go straight there and they will let you know where to go.
  2. If you arrive 31 minutes after the start of the examination, you will not be let in. Put a copy of your exam times on the fridge door so family can help you remember. Every year someone gets the day or session wrong!
  3. A toilet is available in the Table Mountain area, by room 56.But try not to sip so much fluid that you need toilet visits. You must ask for permission before leaving the exam room.
  4. If there is an emergency evacuation you go with the supervisor to Table Mountain, and you must remain silent.


  1. Attempt all standards advised by your teacher.
  2. A record is kept of how long you spend in the toilet, and how often you go, because of cheating issues.
  3. Obey supervisors’ instructions and be courteous. You must remain seated at the end until all scripts have been collected. Do not walk out with the papers. Do not stretch noisily and look around the room.
  4. Where any student refuses to comply with exam conditions, your paper will be collected, and you will be sent to your Deputy Principal.
  5. Your bags will be put at the front of the room. Your cell phone, pager, i-pods, etc must be in your bag and OFF. You may not wear a watch, but it may be in your evacuation bag. All jackets and coats must be left with bags also. You must not carry any ‘suspicious’ paper with your stationery or in your pocket, e.g. refill or notes. Do not write notes on your body or cover your legs with a jacket.
  6. If your calculator is on the list of banned graphic calculators it will be taken off you. You will be asked to clear the memory by the supervisor.Language dictionaries and spell checkers are not allowed.
  7. It is forbidden to write in pencil or to use white correction pens or fluid. Your marked paper is returned to you in so you can check for marking errors and apply for a remark if necessary. If you have used white correction pens or pencil it is impossible to prove you haven’t altered your work at home so you will be denied the remark. Coloured pencils or biros are fine on maps, graphs and diagrams but use only blue or black biro for actual writing.


If you can’t get to the exam – the office needs to be notified by phone or email as soon as possible. Parents are notified if students don’t turn up to an exam. You should contact your class teacher or Subject Leader as soon as you are able, to arrange another time to sit the exam.