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National Qualifications Fees

Onslow College Qualifications Fees for NCEA and other National Certificates - 2018

The NZQA invoice for fees will be emailed out to families. It is separate from the school’s invoice for donations and curriculum fees. Payment may be made via the parent portal, internet banking or at the school office by date TBC

If you make automatic payments or have funds in credit, these will not be allocated to the NCEA fees unless you advise the office, as you may be entitled to financial assistance. If you have any queries please contact Nicole Harding (Finance Office) or email


Fees: A flat fee of $76.70 per year covers as few or as many standards as a student enters and $30 per Scholarship subject. (Overseas students’ fees are $383.30 and $102.20 for each Scholarship subject).

Students who do not pay the NZQA fee this year do not get withdrawn by the school, but NZQA will not recognise the 2016 results until the outstanding fee, plus a $50 late fee, has been paid.

Withdrawals from the Senior Qualifications: Dropping a subject or a few standards will not decrease the amount paid because it is a flat fee. NZQA does not refund fees if a student leaves in or after mid September. We strongly recommend that students who leave school part way through the year pay for the internal credits they have gained because they may be useful for other certificates.

Fees discount

This applies to families with:

  • a Work and Income or Study Link benefit - $20 per student instead of $76.70, or $30 for two or more students
  • a joint family income that would entitle you to have a community services card - $20 per student instead of $76.70, or $30 per family
  • More than one student in the family enrolled in NCEA qualifications here or at other colleges - $200 maximum per fee payer.