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External Examinations

A number of standards are assessed externally, i.e. not by a school's teachers. There are two types of external assessment - the examinations in an examination room and portfolios and submissions, where you develop your work in class over a period of time before it is sent for marking.

External Examinations

In most subjects, students sit an exam at the end of the school year which covers the externally assessed standards. Exams are written and marked by teachers contracted to NZQA for that purpose. All candidates for a subject sit the exam at the same time, wherever they are. All their answers are marked to the same standard. Unless specifically excluded by the assessment specifications, candidates can present their answers in Te Reo Māori. In most subjects, candidates can request the exam booklet in Te Reo Māori.

Portfolios and Submissions

Some Technology, Visual Arts, Design and Visual Communication (DVC) and Education for Sustainability standards require you to submit a portfolio or collection of work.

Students must meet NZQA's specifications, timelines and authentication requirements for work being assessed externally by portfolio and submission. Your teacher will explain what this means for their subject. All work you hand in for marking must be your own and properly referenced.

Links and Downloads


Links to information on the NZQA website to help students prepare for exams, access results and or simply to seek further information.

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Derived Grade Information


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If you have any queries or concerns please contact the Principal's Nominee
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Important - All students must bring their admission slip to the examinations. You can print one from NZQA using the Learner Login then it must be signed by the School Office.

Important NZQA Exam Assemblies


All senior students are to attend the NZQA Exam Assembly in week 3 which will be run by the school Exam Centre Manager, Helen Cartmell.

Wednesday 28th October.

  • Year 13.  11.45am-12.10pm.  Students will need to leave spell 3 early and make their way straight to the hall.  All students must return to their Ako classes straight after the assembly to receive their exam admission slip.  
  • Year 12.  12.10pm -12.35pm.  All Year 12s must go to their Ako class first where they will receive their exam admission slip.  They must then go to the school hall at 12.10pm for their exam assembly.  They will be 5 minutes late to their spell 4 class.
  • Year 11.  Go to normal Ako class.  Exam admission slips will be given out and a presentation on what to do with them.


Any students who are absent from Ako on Wednesday the 28th of October will have their exam admission slip sent back to the school office.

Friday 30th October.

  • Year 11.  11.45am to 12.25pm.  All students will be let out of spell 3 5 minutes early.  They are to go straight to the school hall for their exam assembly.
  • Year 12 & 13.  Normal Ako time.  Students who missed Wednesday's assembly & Ako time should ensure they collect their admission slips from the office or their Ako teacher as well as read the powerpoint.

Candidate Presentation - CLICK HERE