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Assessment Advice

Helpful planners and checklists for studying this year

Families can make a difference both to the result and to the morale of the exam candidate. Some of the following suggestions may help you to help them.

Making Time

Reduce paid work hours

Limit social activities

Limit hobbies/sports to a reasonable level

Reduce household chores

Avoid rapid family changes of plan. The student needs to predict the time available in order to take control.

Time Management

Use a year planner for key dates

Make a weekly work/study plan with the student.

Help the student to break big subjects into topic-sized chunks

Allocate 2 or 3 x 50 minute work/study spells on school nights and on one day of a weekend. (This is a rough estimate. Even 20 minute spells can be a start. It depends on the student’s work habit and concentration span.)

Offer Help

Check notes

Ask questions

Explain/read difficult parts of texts.

Positive Interest

Focus on the effort rather than the result

Encourage confidence. (Some students find it helpful to see themselves as an “expert” prepared to reveal what they know to an interested examiner.)

Enlist the help of the wider family or friends. (The people who ask about the results could be encouraged to phone in during the preparation and encourage the effort. This is a great opportunity for the interested aunt, uncle or grandparent.)

Health and Happiness

Good food at regular times

Some sport or exercise

Regular sleep

Love and support