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Ako Time

"The concept of ako describes a teaching and learning relationship, where the educator is also learning from the student and where educators' practices are informed by the latest research and are both deliberate and reflective. Ako is grounded in the principle of reciprocity and also recognises that the learner and whānau cannot be separated." Ka Hikitia, 2008, p.20

Ako Time at Onslow College

This is on Wednesday and Friday from 11:55 - 12:25. It will be used by students and teachers to:

  • Explore and understand how students learn best
  • Have learning/mentoring conversations
  • Understand how to track their progress
  • Gain a greater understanding of future pathways
  • Become more connected to the school and the wider community.

The aim of Ako time is to develop well informed students with the the tools and support to direct their own learning and future pathways. It also helps students develop connections with one another, staff, the school and the community. Students also spend time developing their understanding of environmental and social issues and how they can contribute solutions to these areas.

Ako Conferences

As a School, Onslow College is aware of the importance of focusing on the well-being of students and of building strong relationships with students and their whanau. It is our goal for each student at Onslow to have an Ako Teacher who knows them well.

On Friday 3 May from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Onslow College is conducting our first ever Ako Conference between the student, their whanau and the Ako Teacher. Students and Ako Teachers have been preparing over the last few weeks to set up for a 15 minute session based around establishing respectful relationships that will be built upon in the Ako programme and in future Conferences. This doesn’t replace subject Parent-Teacher Conferences, rather it supports the development of the student to lead their own learning.

What you need to do:

  • Login into the Parent Portal and access the Interviews control. If you have forgotten your username and/or password please email for help (include your child’s name as well as your own).
  • Book a single interview for your child’s Ako Teacher. If you have more than one child at Onslow, please leave a gap between each booking as the interviews are in Ako classrooms and could be quite far spread across the School.
  • Some parents may need to inform their employer of the Conference – a letter with the details is available from
  • Come to the Conference on the day – with your child – and be prepared to share in the relationship building that happens!

During the day the Student Centre will be open and hot drinks will be available. We invite you to drop in and say hello to people such as the Year Level Deans, Deputy Principals, Careers Adviser and the Principal.

Parking will be available in the Quad and Student Carpark on Burma Road.