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Code of Conduct

Expectations of Onslow College

While attending Onslow College, we expect our international students to show respect for others, for themselves and for their environment.

Showing respect for others:

This means:

  • Participating fully in our school programme by attending all classes on time (a requirement of your student visa) and accepting other students’ differences and beliefs.
  • Behaving in a safe and considerate manner at all times.
  • Discussing your plans with your host family and letting them know where you are at all times. You must have permission from your natural parents and the school for any tours or trip outside Wellington.
  • Being considerate and understanding about your homestay parents, their home and their expectations that you must adhere to while living with them.
  • Using the internet appropriately and keeping to the timeline set by your host parents.

Showing respect for yourself:

This means:

  • Engage fully in your learning and making satisfactory progress.
  • Participating fully in school life especially sporting and cultural activities where possible.
  • Maintain a healthy attitude and not having inappropriate physical contact with others.
  • Looking after your health and wellbeing. Not purchasing and consuming alcohol, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes or taking other harmful substances.
  • Keeping yourself safe: all extreme sports and activities require approval from your parents. You are not allowed to drive or own a motor vehicle nor drive with a person who does not have a full licence.
  • Follow the rules regarding living in a homestay.

Showing respect for our environment:

This means:

  • Using our school’s recycling programme
  • when purchasing a product, consider the appropriateness of the packaging (especially plastic)
  • Caring for furniture, buildings and plants