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If a student or parent has a concern, they should first see the Director of International Students. If the Director is unable to resolve the problem then the matter is referred to the Principal. If the Principal makes a decision that the parent feel is unfair or unreasonable, you can contact

  • NZQA (for concerns and complaints about a provider breaching the Code) or
  • iStudent Complaints (for concerns and complaints about money or contracts).

For information about how to make a complaint see the NZQA website

If your complaint about money or contracts:

iStudent Complaints is an independent service provided by the New Zealand government that can help you resolve concerns and complaints that are about money or contracts with an education provider. The service is free.

You can contact iStudent Complaints in a few ways:



International phone number 64 4 918 4975

Freephone (within New Zealand) 0800 00 66 75

Fax 64 4 918 4901

On social media:


WeChat (search for ‘NZ iStudent Complaints’ Chinese language only)

iStudent Complaints
P.O. Box 2272
Wellington 6014
New Zealand

The contact details on how to make a complain is also available in the Code of Practice 2016 Summary Pamphlet in the following languages:

- Chinese

- German

- Japanese

- Thai

- Vietnamese