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IT Induction for New Students

At the beginning of the year an IT Induction is part of the Orientation programme. For those students that join us during the year, the following IT Induction process is followed:

The Year level Dean will make an appointment with the new student and IT Support for Spell 1 of the student's first day.

IT Support:

  1. will ensure that all students can:
      i.log on to our network using a school machine
      ii.access their school mail and Moodle on a school machine
      iii.log on to Office 365 portal on a school machine
  2. will ensure that students bringing their own laptop can:
      iv.can connect their laptop to our Wi-Fi
      v.access their school mail and Moodle on their laptop
      vi.log on to Office 365 portal on a their laptop
  3. will ensure that students know how to install office 365 if they wish to