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Loves Me Not - Year 12 Health Programme

What is Loves-Me-Not?

Loves-Me-Not is a whole school approach to positive relationships.

Loves-Me-Not includes a one-day Year 12 workshop that has been designed to engage young people in the qualities of positive relationships and the sometimes difficult subject of relationship abuse.

Through the Loves-Me-Not workshop students will:

  • explore qualities of good relationships
  • recognise early signs of relationship abuse
  • understand sexual consent, what it means, and why they need it
  • apply critical thinking about who is advantaged by societal myths, and how these myths may perpetuate relationship abuse and acts of sexual abuse
  • explore if, when and how to be an active bystander
  • be encouraged to 'take action for change' for themselves, their friends and family, and the wider community to have safer communities together.

A Parent Information Evening will be held in the staffroom Monday 13 August 6pm where we will talk through some of the content of the course and answer any questions you have.