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Harassment and Bullying

Onslow College takes bullying very seriously and has put structures in place to combat and cope with it, should it occur.

What is harassment/bullying?

  • Name calling; whether it is sexually, racially or physically based.
  • Social exclusion/leaving a person out of a group deliberately.
  • Demanding or borrowing, without permission, stationery, gear, money etc.
  • Physical pushing, shoving etc.

What do I do if I get harassed/bullied OR see someone else being hassled?

  • Talk to a Peer Supporter (for Year 9 students).
  • End_Bullying.jpgTalk to your AkoTeacher.
  • Discuss it with the Dean.
  • Discuss it with a Guidance Counsellor CONFIDENTIALLY.
  • Email:

What happens when I tell someone?

This is often up to you, it depends on the situation.

  • It can be kept confidential to avoid you being labelled a “nark”.
  • You can ask for a Peer Mediation – This is where senior students work through a mediation/talking through process to resolve the issue.
  • Discipline – This varies according to each situation. The student doing the bullying could be withdrawn from class, stood down from school, OR any other appropriate punishment.


Useful Resources

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