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Guidance Counsellors

The Guidance team at Onslow College is available to all students.

The Counsellors are available for assistance with social and emotional issues, the team are all professionally trained/qualified and members of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Counselling is always confidential unless there is a risk to the safety of the student or others.

The Guidance team also has access to a variety of other health services and will refer on where necessary.

Senior Guidance Counsellor - Linda Eastman

Guidance Counsellor - Nicky Depree

Youth Wellbeing Study

The Youth Wellbeing Study is a research project about the wellbeing of young New Zealanders and rangatahi, with a specific focus on non-suicidal self-injury. Since 2012 a team of researchers at Victoria University have been investigating the factors that place young people at risk of self-injuring, as well as the factors that protect them from self-injury. The Youth Wellbeing Study will run from 2012 - 2016.

The main research aims are to:

  • Examine the similarities and differences between adolescents who have never self-injured, those who experiment once or twice with self-injury, and those who regularly use self-injury as a way to cope with distress.
  • Investigate barriers to help-seeking for adolescents who self-injure.

More details are on the VUW website -