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Sports Photographs - ARE LIVE!

All Sports photos can be found HERE

Please use the password INitwithyouONSLOW18

They are free to download, but you can also order printed copies for ($16 including shipping). Hover over the photo you want and add to your shopping cart to purchase. Repeat if you'd like to order more than one photo.


The timetable can be found on the Sports Noticeboard, below and as a printable pdf TIMETABLE PDF_logo.jpg

  • Teams will need to be dressed and ready for their photograph BEFORE the time of their photo. Please make sure you are organised and prepared with the right gear or you may miss out.
  • You must bring your full sports uniform including socks but not shoes/boots. Some summer sports teams will need to borrow a uniform on the day. Please arrive in time to get changed.
  • Your class teachers will have a full list of the students expected for each photograph. If you are not in one of these, you will be expected to be in class. Please return to class promptly once your photo has been taken.