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Cricket Charter


The purpose of the charter is to outline the direction Onslow College is taking to further develop cricket at the school. The Charter sets out key information about Onslow College Cricket, including the selection policy, philosophies, and player development program.

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Cricket Player Fees

A number of parents have asked how fees have been set.

In 2016 the Cricket Committee consulted parents of players and reached agreement to increase fees progressively over the next few years to enable the appointment of a Director of Cricket who would be involved in coaching all players in the college; not just the First XI.

The appointment of a Director of Cricket was seen as key to strengthening cricket and for the College continuing to be part of the Premier Youth Grade competition.

When setting fees for future years the Committee and parents considered what it would take to attract a quality Director of Cricket, the future cost of balls and uniforms and affordability, acknowledging there was a fund set aside for cases of hardship.

The end result was that going forward fees for most players fund only half the actual cricket cost.The other half comes from fundraising, grants , sponsorship and parent donations.

The agreed fees (incl GST) are as follows:

First XI650700725
Second XI375425450
Thirds XI180250275
Year 10250275275
Year 9250325350