Code Convenor: Kylie Summers

We are doing Athletics a little differently this year. These will be run outside of the school day, and just for any athlete wanting to qualify for the CSW Western Zones, Regionals or Nationals.

Wednesday 9th March
Onslow College Fields

Senior - 1.30pm
Junior - 3.30pm

CSW Athletics - Westen Zone and Regionals, have now been postponed due to the Red Light Setting. The proposed dates are now going to be in September. Once these are confirmed then we will liaise with the qualifying students for those events.

Please find below a link to sign up for the athletics events this term.
Athletics Qualifiers - Registration Form

Registrations close on Friday 4th March at 4pm.


Regional Events: $10 per student per event (approx)

National Events: $25 per student per event (approx)