Deliberate or careless damage to school property or resources will be charged to the student(s) responsible.

Students should take appropriate care in safeguarding their own possessions. The school accepts no responsibility for the damage, loss or theft of valuables.

Name your property so that it can be promptly returned if found.

Report lost property to the office.

A cupboard opposite the office is available for storage of sports gear. This is not locked and items are placed there at your own risk.


Please report any theft or damage of your property IMMEDIATELY to the office.

Do not leave any valuables in PE changing rooms. Hand them to your teacher.

Restricted Items

Onslow College is a smoke free school.

Students are not permitted to have tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs at school, or at any school activity.

Substances or articles likely to be harmful (e.g. fireworks, firearms, knives, cigarette lighters, matches) must not be brought to school.


Items may be confiscated if they are not permitted at school or are being used in a disruptive or inappropriate manner. Teachers are entitled to confiscate items from students when, in the teacher’s view, these items are disrupting lessons or creating a nuisance around the school.

Generally, these are returned to the students by the confiscating teacher at the end of the lesson.

Items held for longer will be taken to the office, to be collected at the time specified by the teacher or dean.

Repeated confiscations generally result in a longer period of confiscation and the dean contacting home to discuss the situation.