Out of Bounds

Areas of the school where students are not permitted:

  • Outside the school fence lines. This includes the Haumia Street Dairy and student car parks.
  • Any area beyond the top tennis courts or bike bowl, including the pine tree areas, Arboretum, Farnboro Fields (top field) and the path and bush area that leads to Broadmeadows.
  • Table Mountain tree area.
  • The area around the grounds man’s shed (behind the gym).
  • The bike bowl is out of bounds unless you have a bike and a helmet.
  • The area behind the music department and Rec up to and including Burma Road and staff and student car parks.
  • The driveway around the Caretaker's house.

Please do not loiter about the school gates and keep the driveway clear for vehicles.

For safety or management reasons some other areas of the school may temporarily be deemed out of bounds.