Onslow College Expectations

Show respect for others

  • Allow others to learn without disruption
  • Listen when others are speaking
  • Behave in a safe and considerate manner
  • Take care of the property of others
  • Accept those with differing backgrounds, culture, ability and gender

Show respect for yourself

  • Come to class on time and prepared
  • Start work promptly
  • Work to the best of your ability
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Make good use of the academic, cultural and sporting opportunities provided

Show respect for your environment

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste
  • Put litter in the rubbish bins
  • Take care of the furniture, buildings and plants at school

Students will support these expectations by:

  • Accepting responsibility for their own behaviour and its consequences
  • Accepting the right of teachers to set rules to support learning

Staff will support these expectations by:

  • Providing a safe, orderly, caring learning environment
  • Showing enthusiasm for their subjects
  • Showing commitment, preparedness and professionalism in their work
  • Encouraging each student to develop to their full potential
  • Establishing clear guidelines for work and behaviour, and make sure that these are met
  • Maintaining regular and open communication with students and their families
  • Providing professional support for each other

Parents and caregivers will support these expectations by:

  • Ensuring that their child attends school and is well-prepared
  • Taking an active interest in their child’s school work and homework
  • Supporting school activities
  • Communicating with the school