Lockers are situated in the main corridors. Students are encouraged to share lockers.

Lockers are intended for the storage of books and other classroom materials. Valuables, food and clothing should not be stored in the lockers.

The use of lockers is at the student’s own risk and the school takes no responsibility for the loss of items

At the start of the year1 Feb Year 9s, 2 Feb Year 10, 3 Feb Years 11 -13:

Take out the registration form from a non padlocked locker and place a strong key padlock on it - not a combination padlock.

NB: If you do not hand in the registration form that day, your locker padlock will be cut off.

Spare forms may be obtained from the office.

If you wish to claim a locker during the year check with the office that it is unregistered first. Padlocks are cut off unregistered lockers.

Please report any damage or theft to the office immediately and complete an incident report.

All lockers must be cleaned out on CLEARANCE DAY