School donation and voluntary contributions

  • The school donation is $300 for one child and $450 for two or more children. Donations are voluntary payments that help the school provide a wide range of services and goods that are not covered by government operational funding.
  • There may be resources and activities associated with the subject a student has selected that enhance the student’s understanding of the subject area by providing an opportunity for learning which is enjoyable and challenging. The School requests a voluntary contribution for these items.

Stationery and Materials

  • A stationery list is posted home before the start of the school year and is available on the school website.
  • The school does not supply bulk stationery, however supplementary stationery is available from the office.
  • Some departments may provide recommendations to purchase additional materials (i.e. study books). These items are not required and can be purchased on a voluntary basis. Students who chose to purchase these additional materials must pay the associated fee.

Sports and Activities

  • Students who chose to participate in sports teams or activities (i.e. debating) must pay the associated fee as detailed.