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All timetables are available to view and / or download from metlink website

As of the start of 2022 the information below is accurate for Onslow.

Buses start Wednesday 2 February 2022.

Students/whānau are advised to have an alternate travel plan ready in the event of services being cancelled due to the Pandemic.

Area AM PM Notes
Churton Park South 1 and 19 682 Cambrian/Chorley.
Morning - Route 1 public service departs Melksham Dr 7.45am to Johnsonville hub, transfer to Route 19 public service departs Johnsonville Stop A at 8.02am & extends to Onslow College.
Afternoon - school bus leaves Onslow College grounds
Churton Park North 681 646 Westchester - arrives & leaves from Onslow College grounds
Kelburn & Northland 22 22 Morning - Public Service Route 22 from Wellington Station at 7.35am. Students will need to disembark at bus stop number 3809 Burma Road near Haumia Street. 
Afternoon - bus will continue to leave from Onslow College at 3.20pm as the first pick up and start of trip.
Karori/Wilton/Crofton Downs/Ngaio 685 685 Arrives & leaves from Onslow College grounds
Khandallah North 24 624 Morning - route 24 public service bus departing Courtenay Place at 7.41am, arriving Burma Rd 8.30am.
Afternoon - school bus (route 624) departs Johnsonville Hub Moorefield Rd at 3.18pm. Students will need to catch this bus from Burma Rd bus stop near Haumia St at 3.21pm, using pedestrian crossings to safely get across the road. 
Ohariu Valley MOE MOE See below for route details


Buses do not call early on days when school finishes early. Students will need to arrange alternative transport on these days, or remain at school until 3.15pm. Afternoon buses leaving from the school grounds depart at 3.15pm sharp.

See for detailed bus/route information

You can set up a Journey planner on your Smart phone to assist with your journey to and from school. The link is:


Ohariu Valley School bus arrangements for 2022 (service provided by Mana Coach Services/Newlands Coach Services) 


2022 will see some minor changes to school transport for Ohariu Valley as the Ministry of Education (MOE) transitions to a new contract with our current bus operator. To make sure that the start of the school year goes as smoothly as possible, please familiarise yourself with the information below. 

As always, please either stay with your children while they are waiting for their school transport in the morning or keep in contact with them to make sure that they are picked up safely. 

Ohariu bus route, timetable and bus stop information (from Weds 2 Feb 2022) 

A small but important change that may affect some students using the daily buses is the removal of the route positioning legs for daily routes under the new contract. 


Under the existing contract, the positioning leg to a daily route start point [mornings] or from a daily route destination point [afternoons] are included as part of the contract route. Drivers are able to pick up and drop off on these legs where this represents a safer option than stopping on the other side of the road during the route proper, a practice known as Safe Side Loading. Under the new contract the positioning legs are no longer considered part of the route meaning that picking up and dropping off on these legs is no longer covered by the contract.  


Mana has been advised that drivers should only pick up and drop off on the route specified by the contract and advises it will be instructing drivers accordingly. 


Eligibility for school transport assistance 

We often get questions about whether students qualify for school transport assistance i.e., a place on a school bus.  

The Ministry of Education has three criteria that students must meet to qualify for school transport assistance. They are: 

  1. The student must attend their closest state or state-integrated school 

  1. The student must live more than a certain distance from the school: 

  • Years 1-8: At least 3.2 km 

  • Years 9-13: At least 4.8 km 

  1. There must be no suitable public transport options 

The Ministry of Education has a handy video on their website that helps explains the eligibility criteria for school transport assistance. 

Onslow will issue bus passes to eligible students within the first few weeks of school & Mana will allow time to organise this – eligible students will still be able to travel. 

Responsibility of caregivers 

To ensure a safe environment for bus loading and unloading caregivers should: 

  • not park in bus bays 

  • adhere to the speed limit (20 km/h while passing a stationary school bus on either side of the road) 

  • try to eliminate the need for children to cross the road 

  • ensure that children get to and from the bus stop safely 

  • teach children to not run across the road 

Please note: if you currently have a private arrangement with your bus operator, you will need to contact your bus operator to confirm that your arrangement will continue in 2022.  

Standees and non-eligible students 


Under the new contract standees are no longer permitted except in special circumstances.  

Provisional numbers of eligible students for 2022 provided by the MOE suggest that for most routes we would not be able to offer places to non-eligible students if standees were not permitted.  As a result, Mana has decided not to offer travel for non-eligible students on the daily buses from 1 Jan 2022 until such times as it becomes operationally practical and to do so.  


School transport queries 

If you have any queries about our school transport, please contact Warren Henderson our Bus Controller -