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We have received information from Metlink around our four school bus routes.

  • Churton Park South (647 am/682 pm)
  • Churton Park North (681 am/646 pm)
  • Kelburn & Northland (684 am/pm)
  • Karori/Wilton/Crofton Downs/Ngaio (685 am/pm)
  • The Ohariu Valley route is provided by the MOE, but will have similar safety guidelines.
  • The Khandallah North bus which runs past the school on Burma Rd (24 am/624 pm) is a public bus & will operate under public bus guidelines

The information from Metlink can be accessed on our website, here, and on the Metlink website.Please be sure to read all information carefully, things will not be as they were in the past.

The school’s key responsibilities around buses at present are:

  1. Maintain a register of students on each school bus for contract tracing purposes.
  2. Ensure that students/community understand that physical distancing & hygiene practices apply to buses.
  3. Manage boarding of buses after school safely & support students with their Plan B if needed.

We plan to address these responsibilities for Metlink buses in the following way & will need the cooperation of all Metlink bus students, please.We alrerady know who the Ohariu students are so will not need to follow this process for them.

Mornings for Metlink Buses

When the bus arrives in the morning, a staff member will board the bus & do a quick video sweep by phone of the students so we have a record of who was on the bus that morning.Following that, the students will be able to head off to class.

Afternoons for Metlink Buses

When bus has stopped, students line up, physically distanced, starting with Yr 9, then Yr 10, Yr 11, Yr 12 & finally Yr 13 students.Due to the fact that on school buses, no standing in the aisle is permitted under Level 2, there may not be enough capacity for all students, we feel that priortising younger ones is best practice.

If there is not enough room on the bus, students who miss out will need a Plan B – an alternate way of getting home.Once the students are on the bus, we will do a short video sweep by phone, so we have a record of who was on the bus that afternoon.


For privacy purposes, videos will be as short as possible & will be stored on our secure school system, only accessed in the event that we need to contact trace.They will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed.We think this process is the simplest way of meeting our obligations to maintain a register of students on the bus, which is not part of our normal practice.

Please note that this new procedure is a work in progress & may need to be adjusted.Families may prefer to arrange alternate transport for students where possible


School Bus Services at Alert Level 2

May 2020

To our Metlink School Community,

RE: School Bus services supported at Alert Level 2

We hope that this finds you all safe and well.

This letter is to update you on what Metlink school bus services will look like under Alert Level 2, in accordance with the guidance received from Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Metlink is working closely with all our bus operators so that we can continue to operate a full school bus service during Alert Level 2. There will be some requirements that we need you to assist with for the successful running of services for your students.

IMPORTANT: Please share the following notifications with your school community:

What Metlink is doing:

  • Supplying hand sanitiser on board school buses
  • Cleaning buses in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines
  • Operate all school bus services

What schools need to do:

  • Maintain a register of students on each school bus for contact tracing purposes
  • Ensure the school community understands the physical distancing requirements, hygiene requirements before boarding the bus, and their plan ‘B’.
  • School staff are to manage the after-school boarding of buses from school. This will help ensure that physical distancing can be maintained, and should any students not be able to board the bus, school staff can help the student to make alternative arrangements to get home.

What parents/caregivers need to do:

  • Need to have a plan ‘B’ to get students to get to and from school in case the bus is already full
  • Ensure that their child understands the physical distancing requirements, hygiene requirements before boarding the bus, and their plan ‘B’.

General points:

On public services used by students:

  • IF students are travelling on public bus services they need to adhere to the physical distancing requirements on board that service (window seats only, no standing, and maintaining 2m distance at bus stops)
  • If students are travelling on public services please keep a record of travel

On school services:

  • The front door will be used for entrance and exit during Alert Level 2, as ‘normal’. Even though fares are currently free, we ask all students to tag on and off with their Snapper card.

On both school and public services:

  • It is not the bus driver’s responsibility to maintain or supervise physical distancing on board the bus. Please respect the driver’s physical distance when entering and exiting the bus.
  • Capacity on bus services will be greatly reduced as no standing is permitted.
  • The specific measures we are taking in relation to our public transport network can be found on the Metlink Website.
  • We have also included the update from the Prime Minister for your convenience.

Please note, the information above applies to Metlink bus services only. Please refer to the Ministry of Education for information on contracted school trips.

Lastly, we thank you all for your patience and support over this different way of operating and helping manage the changes within our community.

Please do not hesitate to contact Metlink Schools email address on if you need any additional information.


Metlink Schools


At the beginning of October 2019 Metlink advised us of changes that will affect school buses from the beginning of Term 1, effective from 26 January 2020.

Please note that this may mean:

  • sharing services with the public where a specific trip has been extended to include our school
  • taking an earlier service to meet school bell start times
  • using a different designated school bus to get to school.

These changes will enable Metlink to deliver services more reliably within the current resource constraints as they work towards further service improvements for customers.

The new timetables will be available to view and / or download from our website from 23 December 2019.

As of the start of 2020 the information below is accurate for Onslow.


Buses do not call early on days when school finishes early. Students will need to arrange alternative transport on these days, or remain at school until 3.15pm. Afternoon buses leaving from the school grounds depart at 3.15pm sharp.

See for detailed route information

You can set up a Journey planner on your Smart phone to assist with your journey to and from school. The link is:


Mana updates for students/families for 2020

  1. For 2020 drivers will again be allowing several weeks at the start of each term for schools and families to organise their various passes. Drivers won't be asking to see passes for the first two weeks. Drivers will be asking to see passes from week three.
  2. For 2020 the cost of a Mana Term Pass [for ineligible students travelling on MoE rural buses] will increase from $80 a term to $90 a term. The increase brings the Mana fare into line with Snapper fares for similar services.
  3. For information on Mana Term Passes [for ineligible students travelling on MoE rural buses] please call Brent Blann, Service Quality Controller on 022 366 4732 or email at
  4. For information on Rural Passes [for eligible students travelling on MoE rural buses] please call your school office.

AM - (Mana/Newlands Coach Services)-approx times

8.00am Boom Rock / Ohariu Valley Road Terminus
8.02am Ohariu Valley Golf Course Entrance, Ohariu Valley Road
8.05am Ohariu Hall, Ohariu Valley Road
8.10am Cnr Ohariu Valley Road & Takarau Gorge Road
8.15am 408 Ohariu Road
8.20am Cnr Ohariu Road & McLintock Street North
8.20am Onslow College & Raroa Intermediate
8.25am St Brigid’s School, Phillip Street
8.30am Johnsonville School, Ironside Road & Morgan Street

PM - (Mana/Newlands Coach Services)-approx times

2.55pm Johnsonville School, Ironside Road & Morgan Street
3.10pm St Brigids School, Phillip Street
3.20pm Raroa Intermediate and Onslow College – pick up together at Onslow College
3.35pm Cnr Ohariu Valley Road & McLintock Street North
3.40pm 408 Ohariu Road
3.45pm Cnr Ohariu Valley Road & Takarau Gorge Road
3.48pm Ohariu Hall, Ohariu Valley Road
3.50pm Ohariu Valley Golf Course Entrance, Ohariu Valley Road
3.55pm Boom Rock / Ohariu Valley Road Terminus