Why Choose Onslow College

The transition from primary/intermediate to secondary school is another important step in the education of your child.

Choosing the right secondary school to suit your child's individual educational needs and future career plans is important.

The New Zealand education system encourages students to attend their local secondary school but provides for parents and students to choose a school outside local boundaries if that school has sufficient space to take extra students.

The flexibility in the system does allow you to choose a school most suited to your needs.

Onslow College believes in celebrating diversity and the strengths of the individual while encouraging students to understand the responsibilities they have being part of a community.We promote students operating towards an increased understanding of ‘Community over conformity’. We value kindness and your child is placed in the centre of all that we do. Every student is placed in an Ako class and this is the class that they will stay in for the time they are at Onslow College. They will have the same Ako Teacher and this person will be your main point of contact with the School. They will support your student and you to navigate life at Onslow College.

The Curriculum of the School

Onslow College promotes a wide curriculum which is focused on many different pathways. We see learning as being more than just academic and we encourage student involvement in work experience, career education, camps, drama, music, sport, debating, Kapa Haka, and an enormous number of clubs. We support students in and out of class to be the best that they can be and we genuinely want to build a partnership with whānau.

The School

Onslow College values the importance of Te Tiriti O Waitangi and has a strong representation of whānau working with the school. Academic success is valued alongside the development of social responsibility and a student’s ability to think for themselves. We want to work with whānau so that when students leave school they are able to contribute to the wider community. We believe in working with students to focus on respect for each other and property.

Student and Whānau Participation

Students and whānau are encouraged to be part of decision-making and to participate in school affairs. We work hard to communicate with whānau and value their input. We genuinely enjoy working with our students and their whānau.