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PTA Fundraising


The Onslow College PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an important part of the college community. It is made up of parent volunteers who contribute their time and energy in supporting the college in practical ways. This includes hosting events for new students, helping in the library, supporting school events and providing relevant information evenings for parents.

All funds raised through PTA initiatives are spent on college “wishlist” items after consultation with the Principal and students. Some examples where PTA have funded or contributed are digital message boards, school recycling stations, laptops for students, a kitchenette, hot water and additional furniture for the student centre, new seating in the Quad, additional seating in the maths corridor for students, two of the school water fountains, and the PC School App (see below).

We are aware that many parents feel they are unable to contribute to the PTA in a practical way. We would like to offer you and your family an opportunity to provide financial support to the PTA.

Where possible, the PTA target areas of the school that benefit all students.

We look forward to your support and contribution. Please contact us for any suggestions and comments.


Yours sincerely

PTA Committee


Thank You