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The Onslow College Foundation is a charitable trust established as a way for past students (alumni) and supporters of the College can contribute to itslong term success. The objective of the Foundation is to build up a capital base from which the Foundation can contribute to student and staff needs in the form of scholarships and training and also towards capital improvements to the infrastructure of the College. The first initiative of the Foundation is the establishment of the Onslow College Alumni.

The initial trustees of the Foundation are former Board representatives Spiro Anastasiou and Tony Cooke, together with Mike Roberts and Slaine McKenzie. The Principal and Board Chair are also trustees on an ex-officio basis.

The Foundation is registered as a charity and has IRD donee status.

Purpose of the Foundation

The Onslow Foundation has big plans for supporting the school, its objectives are to:

  • Provide specialist training and teaching, equipment, facilities, resources and materials
  • Activities to promote and preserve the character of Onslow College
  • Promote connections between the school and Alumni activitiesRegister
  • Maintain records of the College’s history and ensure future records are kept
  • Assist pupils and former pupils through tertiary education or trade training
  • Provide scholarship or financial assistance to pupils
  • Advance the education and training of teachers both at Onslow and externally

Development Campaigns

A strong Alumni organisationA Foundation website to connect with the school and alumni activitiesOnslow College Archives $20K
Scholarship ProgrammeArtificial surface sports field $3M (enclosing the field an extra $1.25M)Performing Arts Theatre $7M

How you can help?

You can support Onslow College by donating to the Foundation. You can also choose a project to support and tag any contribution to specific projects.

There are different ways to support Onslow and these include:make a donation

  • Foundation membership – $30 per year
  • Annual gifting programmes
  • Onslow College as a beneficiary of your estate

Non Financial Giving – you may be in a position to support your college by giving in kind or time. Please feel free to contact the Foundation to talk through any ideas.

Helping our students succeed

Onslow College aims to develop students to their potential through high quality education in a cooperative, friendly, stimulating and safe environment.

School funding is determined by our decile 10 rating which does not provide sufficient funds to meet the costs of what we need to deliver a well rounded education.

The shortfall in our operating expenses is made up from reserves, annual parent donations and international student fees.

Without this income we could not provide the curriculum, class sizes and activities parents say are important.

What can you do?

We need your help and ask that you become a benefactor so we can continue providing a positive and effective learning environment at Onslow College.

What you give is entirely up to you – every gift is important to Onslow.