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Wednesday 1 December 2021 - NCEA Accord

Upcoming Events

September 27th September 12:15 - 1:15
Richie Hardcore (Yr 10&11 boys)

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Online Subject Selection (OLSS) for 2022

Please note that following a COVID-related extension, OLSS for 2022 will close this Friday 17 Sept 3pm.  After this time, students' choices will still be visible in the Portal & any changes will need to go through the Deans.  Deans will follow up with any students who haven't completed the process & are always available for advice.  A reminder that there is info re OLSS on the school website - CLICK HERE.

Communication with you
It is really important to us that as parents/caregivers you have the information you need when you need it. It is especially important for students and whānau who are new to our college this year.

Your first point of contact is your student’s Ako teacher. Their email address is
 A list of staff can be found on our website

Our website is home to a lot of useful information including upcoming events, our learning areas, activities outside the classroom and our Board of Trustees. During 2021, we will be reviewing the design and content of our website to make it easier for parents/caregivers and students to find the information they need.

Parent portal – The parent portal is a great way to get information and to help you stay informed.  A helpsheet for how to use the parent portal can be found here.-

Applications now open for students to enrol in end of year Scholarship Exams & Computer Use.  Please see the E form in the Student Portal. 

Scholarship.  Any student can enter an end of year scholarship exam.  Students are advised to speak to relevant subject teachers or subject leaders before completing the E From.  Students should list clearly & accurately which subjects they wish to be entered for. 

Digital Exams. 

Several subjects now have digital exams.  All students who take these subjects will be entered into a digital exam by default.  Onslow will also endeavour to provide a digital school exam for applicable subjects in term 3, where practically possible.  Students must use their own laptop to complete a digital exam.   Students can opt out of a digital exam on the day or closer to the time.  A paper exam will be available for them.   

Computer Use Applications

NZQA has also opened up the ability to sit NCEA & Scholarship exams on computer from 2020. 

This is for other subjects that do not have a digital exam available.   For these subjects it is possible to type up your answers on a computer, print these off & have them attached to your exam paper. This option is for the School Practice Exams & the NZQA External Exams.  Students will need to use a school computer not their own laptop. 

Please note that as the school’s resources are limited, this option needs this needs to be managed within the school’s capabilities (rooming/staffing/computer availability).   For this reason, SAC students must take priority.  Other students will be accommodated depending on what school resources are available at the day/time of their exams. 

We therefore invite students who are interested in using a computer for non-digital exam subjects to apply via the E form on the student portal.  The closing date for applications is Friday, August the 27th.  We will assess individual applications & notify students of the outcome of their application.