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March 15 - Strike for Climate Change

You may have heard that the planned student strike for climate change is on March 15. This is not a School run event and the School cannot grant justified leave for this event. It is, however, an event that many see as important. I have been impressed with the passion conveyed by the students who have met with me and their desire to raise awareness about climate change. While I would prefer that students come to School on March 15, I can understand that after a discussion with their caregivers and whanau some students will want to attend the strike. If this is the case, we ask that caregivers and whanau let us know that their child has their permission to be at the strike and they will be marked as explained. While this may seem an unusual process, it is very important to us that students are safe and that we are working with parents to make sure we know where each student is on March 15. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the School.


In addition to images captured during the 7 Feb Powhiri and last week''s Year 9 Camp, photographers will be in School this Thursday to take further photos for our new prospectus. We will be careful only to use photos from families who have given permission for this at enrolment. If you wish to check your permissions, please contact the Office this week.

Onslow College PTA is inviting parents to attend:

Event - Unravelling the mystery of the Adolescent Brain - Presented by Sarah Best of the Brainwave Trust

Venue - Staffroom

When - Tuesday 12th March 7pm-9pm

This is an open invitation, entry is by Koha


During adolescence, there are changes to brain systems involved with social understanding, decision-making, reasoning and risk-taking that influence the way an adolescent behaves. The adolescent presentation explores changes to the brain and changes to relationships and social environments that contribute to development through these years.

The main topics covered are:

  • Adolescence is a time of transition from childhood to adulthood that involves intellectual, physical, social, emotional and hormonal changes
  • Recognising and enhancing adolescents’ strengths
  • The important role of parents and other adults in providing guidance and support through this transition
  • The increased importance of peers
  • Positive and negative aspects of risk-taking
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Exploring the potential influence of alcohol use
  • Benefits and risks associated with social media use

There will be refreshments provided around 8pm.



OHARIU BUS - students who live far enough up Ohariu Valley to be eligible to use the free MOE bus have been issued with passes. These students will need to have their passes with them when they catch the bus, please. The bus company (Mana/Newlands Coaches) is still willing to carry other passengers up Ohariu Valley, but these students/families will need to contact Mana/Newlands directly to discuss payment to use this service. This is a change that has been requested by the bus company. Please contact Mr Henderson if you have any questions regarding this change.


On 17 February, the location of ''Johnsonville - Stop C'' will be moving from the Mall carpark to Moorefield Road as part of the ongoing development of the Johnsonville Hub.

Johnsonville - Stop C will open in its permanent location on Moorefield Road on Sunday 17 February

From this date, services using Stop C will stop on Moorefield Road and will not enter the Johnsonville Mall Carpark.

Please note that Stop C is a drop-off only stop.

Metlink school bus routes for start of Term 1 2019

Onslow College


647 - Churton Park South - Johnsonville - Onslow College

8:20 LakewoodRes 8:38 OnslowColl (sch grds) Daily

681 - Churton Park North - Johnsonville - Onslow College

8:00 MiddletonRd (25) 8:35 OnslowColl (sch grds) Daily

683 - Karori - Wilton - Crofton Downs - Ngaio - Onslow College

7:48 Karori-AllingtonRd 8:30 OnslowColl (sch grds) Daily

684 - Kelburn - Northland - Onslow College & Raroa Normal Intermediate School

7:50 VictoriaUni-B 8:25 OnslowColl (sch grds) Daily

685 - Karori - Wilton - Crofton Downs - Cardinal McKeefry

7:55 Karori-AllingtonRd 8:30 OnslowColl (sch grds) Daily


646 - St Brigid''s School & Onslow College - Johnsonville - Churton Park

15:05 StBrigidsSch-PhillipSt (sch) 15:50 BassettRd at Angell Daily

682 - Raroa Normal Intermediate School & Onslow College - Johnsonville - Churton Park


15:00 RaroaInt-HaumiaSt 15:35 BassettRd at Angell Daily

683 - Karori - Wilton - Crofton Downs - Ngaio - Onslow College

15:15 OnslowColl (sch grds) 15:50 Karori-KaroriRd Daily

684 - Kelburn - Northland - Onslow College & Raroa Normal Intermediate School

15:20 OnslowColl (sch grds) 15:50 VictoriaUni-A Daily

685 - Karori - Wilton - Crofton Downs - Cardinal McKeefry

15:15 OnslowColl (sch grds) 15:50 Karori-KaroriRd Daily

You can set up a Journey planner on your Smart phone to assist with your journey to and from school. The link is:

Johnsonville Bus Stop B closure – from 4 February

Metlink are putting the final additions on Johnsonville – Stop B from Monday 4 February. This will include installing an RTI screen, upgrading the lighting, seating and signage at the bus stop, as well as improving the kerb. While this stop is closed, a temporary bus stop will be installed on Moorefield Road in front of the Johnsonville Train Station.

To find out more, visit or call 0800 801 700.

University Liaison Visits are for all YEAr 13 Students planning to go to University in 2020:

Students are encouraged to attend so they have current information about courses and degrees available and to find out about University life from the Student Liaison Officers

Visits are scheduled for these dates - please add these to your calendar of events:

Term 1

Victoria University Wednesday 6 March Spell 4 Hall [all Year 13 students to attend]

Canterbury University Wednesday 13 March lunchtime Room 6

Otago University Monday 1 April lunchtime Room 6

Auckland University Tuesday 2 April lunchtime Room 6

Term 2

Auckland University of Technology Monday 13 May Room 6

Massey University - Date to be confirmed