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Teaching Staff

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SL = Subject Leader
LAL = Learning Area Leader
Given Names Given Names Position Held
Aitken Veronica English Language Teacher
Anastasi David Physics/Science Teacher
Brant Rachel Mathematics Teacher
Brightwell Karen Yr 11 Dean/Social Sciences Teacher
Campbell Kevin LAL Physical Education
Carson Janine Nutrition and Food Technology Teacher
Chapman Peter Transition, Careers, Gateway
Colquhoun Jean Ann SL History
Cottrell Katy Assistant LAL Technology / Design Technology Teacher
Danielsen Esme Mathematics / Principal's Nominee for NZQA
Delaney Shane Physics / Science Teacher
Doile Megan Learning Support Teacher
Donaldson Rowan Social Studies and Geography Teacher
Eagar Dale Physical Education / EOTC Teacher
Fairhall Shane LAL Technology / Digital Technology Teacher
Finnigan Kerry Director / Dean International Students
Frost Ryan
Health, Physical Education & Outdoor Education Teacher
Frykberg Anthe SL Classics
Gannon James Drama and Dance Teacher
Gerven Rose SL Science and Peer Support Coordinator
Geursen Reece Physics/Science Teacher
Gillies Sandra Yr 12 Dean/English Teacher
Glenn Janet Deputy Principal (Yr8 and Yr 11)
Guppy Daniel Physics/Science Teacher
Hainge Zoe SL Fashion & Design - on leave 2018
Hannaway Sue SL Fashion & Design
Hasegawa Harumi Japanese Teacher
Henderson Warren Deputy Principal (Yr10 & Yr13) / French Teacher
Hodge Katherine LAL Arts/ SL Music
Hofkens Evelien Assistant LAL English
Hogan Kent LAL Science / SL Physics / Science Teacher
Hone Harriet Graphics Teacher
Houghton Brooke SL Drama/Learning Support Teacher
Howarth Grace English Teacher
Hunt Evan Digital Technology Teacher
Johnson Thomas SL Social Studies / History / Media Studies Teacher
Joseph Neethu Mathematics Teacher
Kinsella Penny Deputy Principal (Yr 9 and Yr12) / Chemistry Teacher
Knibbs Stephen SL Design Technology
Ladkin Sharnae Science and Mathematics Teacher
Millar Sheena Principal
Leitch Paul SL Accounting / Timetabling
Levy Kathryn SL Nutrition and Food Technology
Lovering Johnathan Art / Art History Teacher
Maher Seamus Science Teacher
Manker TIna English Teacher
Martin Charlotte Science / Chemistry Teacher
Marull Alex Mathematics Teacher
McCarthy Michael Acting LAL Science / Chemistry
McFarlane Katie Yr 9 Dean/History / Social StudiesTeacher
McIntosh Melanie SL Economics
McWilliam Hamish Biology / Science Teacher
Mead Annelies Spanish Teacher
Messerli Kay Learning Support Teacher
Moir Phil Mathematics Teacher
Moore Duncan Commerce / Social Studies Teacher
Neal Derek English / Media Studies Teacher
Neilson Mitch SL Learning Support
Ny Bunna Digital Technology Teacher
O'Neill Regan Mathematics Teacher
Page Lana Health and PE Teacher
Park Igor Mathematics Teacher
Pearce Justin SL Music
Pere Miriama Kaitiaki/Te Reo Māori Teacher
Perez Garcia Margarita French Teacher
Piper Carol SL English Language
Plummer Jody LAL Social Sciences
Polaschek Bronwyn English Teacher
Pryde Suzanne English Teacher
Richards Tessa English Teacher
Rix Rachel SL Health/PE Teacher
Robinson John HoD Learning Support - on leave 2017
Smith Hilary English Teacher
Swinerd Cassie Yr 10 Dean / Science Teacher
Szydlowski Jan SL Biology / Science Teacher
Turrell Robbie Yr 13 Dean / Economics Teacher
Unnikrishnan Shimmy Mathematics Teacher
van Dyk Stephanie English Teacher
van Musscher Ron SL Graphics
Wang Jimmy Art / Mandarin Teacher
Warren Elizabeth LAL Languages
Welham Ana Social Studies / Drama Teacher
Willis Megan Geography / Tourism / Social Studies Teacher
Wills Sally Mathematics Teacher
Wilson Andy Geography / Social Studies Teacher
Winfield Mark LAL Mathematics
Woods Julia LAL English