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In 2019 we were delighted to get the news we would be receiving $25 million dollars to build 27 new classrooms. The building you will have seen going on over the Christmas break if you drove past the College are temporary rooms to help us cope with the roll growth while we plan for the new build.

I want to make sure that our school community is kept up to date with both the big and the small projects our school property upgrade. As the principal, I want to ensure that the students and staff have warm, dry and healthy places to learn and work. The first step to achieving this has been reroofing the Technology block, the Music block and soon the rec centre. This is the work you can see going on as you drive past.

You will see that on “Table Mountain” we have been replacing and renovating classrooms. We now have a number of more modern classrooms, with 4 more to be delivered in March, that will ensure our students and staff can learn and work in places that have proper heating, insulation and roofing. We have been very well supported in this project by our Maycroft Construction and Paula van Raalte.

Both the re-roofing and work on Table Mountain are eventually going to be overtaken by a large scale master planning process which will look at the future design of the school so that the $25 million is spent in a way that ensures that the school is ready for another 50 years of operation. The Master Planning process is to begin once a lead is contracted, (the contracting will occur in a couple of weeks), and will require student, community and staff input.It will bring together lots of experts such as architects, traffic engineers, planners etc.

Added to this, if you have been into school you will also notice that we have begun painting over the Christmas break. And I know that the students are looking forward to us upgrading the toilet block next to the link foyer. We are about to issue a tender for this upgrade.

Finally, we are also working through an upgrade of the front of the school. This will include tidying of the trees, upgrading and painting the block wall and generally modernising the entrance to the school.