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Refund Policy

The fees paid for International Student’s tuition are used to employ teachers and provide resources and facilities for these students. It is therefore not possible to fully refund fees.  The withdrawal of one or two students does not substantially lower the cost to the school.


The refunds policy set by the Onslow College Board of Trustees is:


1. The Board of Trustees will make a refund:


a. If an application for a refund is made before the commencement of the course, 95% of the tuition fees will be refunded.
b. If an application for a refund is made after the first day of attendance but within one term of starting the course, 50% of the tuition fees will be refunded.
c. If due to circumstances beyond our control and the school is unable to provide an academic course for the student eg. a civil defence emergency,  the refund amount will be decided by the Board of Trustees.


2. The Board of Trustee will make no refund:


a. When a student is required to leave the school for a breach of the rules and conditions of enrolment at the school or has broken a New Zealand law.
b. Where a student has been excluded or expelled under Section 14 of the Education Act 1989.
c. Where a student returns home for any reason other than serious illness, accident or death of a close family member.
d. If the enrolment application is found to be inaccurate in any way and the contract is terminated.
e. If the student withdraws after the first term of the course.

3. Homestay accommodation fees will be refunded as follows:


a. The balance of the Homestay Accommodation fees which are held on behalf of the student will be refunded. Two weeks’ notice of leaving a homestay is required. If a student leaves within this period then he/she must pay for the two week period.
b. If a student or their family cancel the homestay contract before moving into the homestay, the homestay accommodation fees will be refunded in full but not the homestay support fees.


4. International students who gain permanent residence will be refunded tuition fees from the date that they gain residency.


5. All refunds will be paid to either the parents of the student or to an agent who has written authority from parents. Refunds will be given directly to students only with written authority from their parents.

• The Board of Trustees guarantees the fees of all International feepaying students in the event that the International programme cannot continue.
• All refunds are at the discretion of the Principal and require supporting evidence.




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