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Our Programme

                                Academic                                         Cultural Experience


                             High School Programme                                         High School Programe


                             NCEA Examinations                                                New Zealand Travel


                             NZ/Overseas University                                          Return to own country


We offer two programmes:


1. An academic programme leading to university entrance. This programme usually takes two to three years and prepares students for entry to university in New Zealand and other English speaking countries.


2. A cultural exchange and language programme. Students in this programme spend 6 months to one year studying with New Zealand students. Students improve their use of the English language and gain confidence orally. Also we offer a one semester New Zealand Studies Course to help students to gain an understanding of the New Zealand way of life



Year 9-10: click here for course Information. 

Year 11-13: click here for course information.


Information booklets on NCEA (National Certificates of Educational Achievement) in other languages can be downloaded here  


If the student’s English level is low he/she may be sent to a local English language school. Onslow does not provide full time Intensive English for International Students with beginner to late beginner levels of English. The English Language department runs language classes for students with different levels of English. Students can receive up to 12 hours of English support per week. English Language teachers and Teacher Assistants also support students in their mainstream subjects.


  • English Language staff also provide support for regular classroom teachers by training them in techniques for helping English Language students in their classrooms.


  • Students who enrol at Years 11 and 12 with an elementary or pre-intermediate level of English will be enrolled in a Curriculum Based Language support course. This course provides extra language and curriculum support in sciences and Mathematics. The aim of the course is to assist the students with the subject specific vocabulary, assessments and class work on these subjects. These classes are taught by subject teachers who have some training in teaching English for academic purposes.


  • At Year 11 and 12, many English Language Students follow a 2 year NCEA level 1 English Course. This course aims to achieve the NCEA level 1 literacy requirements.

  • At Year 13 level, the English Language Department provides an Academic English Course. This is run in addition to five academic subjects.  Students studying NCEA Level 3 are expected to attend this course each week, unless their English level is very high. The course aims to assist the students pass the NCEA Level 2 literacy requirements for entry to University. It includes an academic vocabulary programme. The course outlines are available on request from the English Language Department.





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