Celebration of Student Success

Congratulations to all our nominees, finalists and recipients of awards at the Celebration of Student Success 2016.

Cultural Group of the Year - Retrospect

Finalists - Bird on a Wire, Kapa Haka Roopu, West Side Story Cast and Crew

Cultural Individual/Pair of the Year - Cole Hampton

Finalists - Niamh Campbell-Ward, Noah Sparg,o Caitlyn Leong, Maggie-Rose Paine, Laila Smith

Innovator & Critical Thinker of the Year- Resilience

Academic Group of the Year - Onslow Physics Team

Finalists - Resilience, Robotics Club, Treasury Challenge

Te tohu amokura - Muturangi Reedy Barr

Finalists - Tui Christie, Phoebe Culling-Brown, JordanMcCrystal

Leadership Showcase - Rory Somerset

Finalists - Vijay Chand, Phoebe Culling-Brown, Elena Orsman, Vivek Ganesan, Jade Palmer, Cameron Wright, Devika Ratanpal

Onslow Spirit Award - Phoebe Culling-Brown

Finalists - Maddie Black, Tui Christie, Jordan Compton, Levi Laird-Mahu, Cole Hampton, Elena Orsman, Cameron Wright

Most Diligent Student -

Finalists - Lily Bishop-Brown, Andrew Symmes, Melissa Blackmore, Patrick Curran, Elroy Lederman, Natasha McMillan, Mary Sinio, Sophia Yusri

Year 11 Academic Excellence Awards

Wilson Chu, Emma Hogan, Grace Berry, Kevin Li, Jade Palmer, Finn Messerli

Year 12 Academic Excellence Awards

George Whiteley, Thamena Essahaty, Rory Somerset, Charlotte Su, Kiri Van Koughnet

Year 13 Academic Excellence Awards

Jack Orchard, William Doherty, Kathleen Agustin, William Li, Cameron Wright, Isaac Bennett-Smith

Outstanding NCEA Performance Level 1 - Kevin Li

Outstanding NCEA Performance Level 2 - Rory Somerset

Outstanding NCEA Performance Level 3 - Kathleen Agustin