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Onslow College PTA

What is the PTA (Parent-Teachers Association)?

Our committee represents the parents and families of Onslow College. We are voluntary and non-profit and are here to support the Principal, Board of Trustees, staff and students. Our role is to give parents and families a voice within the school, assist at school events, catering, hosting guest speakers for parent information evenings and running small fundraising projects for school facilities and resources that benefit the whole school (however fundraising is not our main focus).


Come and join us!! Joining the PTA is a great way to get to know more about the school, be involved in school events and get to know other parents. To show your appreciation, you can:

  • attend PTA meetings
  • help out for a couple of hours once or twice a year (or regularly) at school events
  • assist at events with catering, serving hot drinks, selling raffle tickets, baking
  • assist with one-off fundraisers and/or parent education evenings
  • help out in the library

How to contact us

Please feel free to contact our Chairperson or Volunteers Coordinator for queries or to join the committee or become a willing helper.

Chairpersons: Kate Koch (Acting Co-Chair and main contact person until end of 2017). Ph 478 8470.

Karen Doogan (Acting Co-Chair - to chair meetings until end of 2017).

Treasurer: Lynda Murray

Secretary: Kirsty Hosie

Volunteers Coordinator: Helen Hughes